Home Built in Muskoka

Getting Started With Your Renovations Or Construction Project

So you have your dream. Now it is time to put your vision onto paper.

There are many different ways in which it can be achieved.

1. You could use a licensed architect to work with you to develop your drawings and provide a list of specifications for your project.

2. For a smaller project there are many licensed designers who would be able to provide you with the necessary drawings required for permits and obtaining pricing.

3. To work with a builder that offers you a design build service. This gives you the benefit of one stop shopping and provides the builder with the extra insight into your dream build, having been able to be involved in the design process.

All options are good and it boils down to how large the project is, and most importantly who you are most comfortable working with.

Pricing & Contracts

Contract is exactly what it states. It is a tried and true method of providing an overall cost of your project.

There are pros and cons to this, especially when trying to obtain your quote.

You must make sure that all contractors you have invited to quote on project are pricing apples to apples; which means you have to do your homework to provide your builder with an extensive list of specifications for your job.

The important thing is that you have a good idea of what your end cost is (or not) Please do not forget about those unforeseen changes that will come up along the way and are then charged to you as “extras”.

So as long as you know what you want before you start and don’t make changes along the way a quote is a great way for you to know what the cost will be.

Time and Material

For customers who are unable to supply their builder with the amount of information to provide a contract price, there is another choice. You can ask your builder to provide you with a budget price based on the scope of work you provide them with.

A budget is based on what you think you may want. It is a series of allowances that cover all the items you have laid out in your scope of work to be done. As the job progresses your builder will provide you with a detailed monthly statement showing you how things are shaping up compared to your budget.